Appraisals at the unprecedented speed of AppraisalVision

AppraisalVision dramatically accelerates the entire mortgage approval process.

An appraisal can now go from start to finish is as little as a few days! In fact, AppraisalVision can theoretically verify the value of the home at the time of application. Yes, it’s finally true. Now, lenders and AMC's can use AppraisalVision to verify value just as quickly as they verify credit, income, assets and employment today at time of application. What’s more, the appraisal can happen without any of the inefficient and costly manual labor that your employees traditionally perform.

Finally, the transformational speed of the digital economy for appraisals

Today, it still takes an average 9 days to obtain an appraisal – and another 10 days for the value to be verified by an underwriter. The delays impact your revenue and they disappoint consumers, whose expectations have changed with the speed of the digital economy. For example, compare the appraisal process with the 1-day to 3-day delivery times of Amazon.

Since mortgage lenders are still highly dependent on suppliers to verify credit, income, assets, employment and the value of the home, even more delays can occur.

The result is that 50% of the time it takes a lender more than 19 days to verify the value of a home, and it still takes over 40 days on average to close.

Powers the entire process by artificial intelligence

AppraisalVision uses AI to create the first complete digital marketplace for AMC and Appraiser selection.

The benefits are extraordinary:

  • Cuts days off the appraisal process
  • Reduces origination costs
  • Ensures regulatory compliance
  • Provides valuable insights into the quality and performance of AMCs and appraisers.

Remarkable benefits for all stakeholders

  • Lenders
  • AMCs
  • Appraisers
  • Realtors

Revolutionizes the way Lenders, AMCs and Appraisers collaborate

  • Automates AMC & Appraiser Selection
  • Automates Inspection Scheduling
  • Provides Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)
  • Delivers Real-Time Status Updates
  • Enables Insights into the Quality and Performance of your AMCs and Appraisers
  • Includes Secure Payment Processing for Your Clients
  • Monitors Vendor Performance and Compliance
  • Allows Accurate Fee Management for AMCs and Appraisers
  • Offers Customizable Panels on a Market-by-Market

Transformational speed with or without an appraisal

AppraisalVision delivers the fastest way to determine the value of a property when an appraisal is required and when Fannie Mae accepts a valuation from an inspection.

Discover how AppraisalVision can dramatically speed up and optimize the appraisal process and your selection of AMCs and appraisers.


"We have always promised our clients that we would help optimize their performance, save time, reduce cost, and keep them compliant. AppraisalVision is making that happen.”